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What We Look For

Puntiamo a reclutare i migliori talenti (a prescindere dal genere, dalla razza, dall'etnia, dall'età e/o dalla provenienza) e cerchiamo persone che abbiano:

  • Commitment, drive, passion and ambition.
  • Shared values – excellence, innovation, integrity and collaboration – and who are committed to operating in a responsible way.
  • Exceptional ability.
  • Excellent people skills.
  • A value-add customer-focused approach to everything they do.
  • A desire to be part of a great company.

Speak to our team about Careers

Contact your closest IMI Critical Engineering specialist today for more information on careers.


Why Work For Us

Ci impegniamo a garantire che il nostro team esprima appieno le proprie potenzialità in un ambiente di lavoro aperto a tutti, in cui ciascuno sia totalmente impegnato e valorizzato.

If you are looking to start your career or considering a change of role, below are some of the reasons why you should think about IMI Critical:

  • Sarai parte di un team che sviluppa tecnologie e prodotti innovativi che fanno la differenza. What we do at IMI makes the world cleaner, safer and more sustainable.
  • You will be provided with ongoing training that will help you develop and enhance your business, technical and leadership skills and achieve your full potential.
  • You have the opportunity to pursue a varied career path working in a range of challenging and rewarding roles.

Your Development

To help us attract and retain the best people and to ensure that we have a strong talent pipeline we provide ongoing learning and development opportunities at all levels and across all group functions.

To ensure that our people development initiatives support our growth agenda and provide our employees with the most relevant training and learning opportunities, recently all development programmes were reviewed. As a result of this review a number of changes have been made and both new and updated programmes have been launched, including a group-wide expanded graduate programme to further develop and strengthen our technical capabilities. We have also been focusing on improving senior management succession and enhancing core supervisory and front-line management skills across the group. This is an ongoing process and is key to the future success of the division.