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IMI Z&J is an international leader in the provision of custom-engineered, high-temperature valves for the iron & steel, petrochemical and refining industries.

We have over 135 years' experience of working with refiners, technology licensors and operators to develop our high-quality, specialised valves. We specialise in valves that are suitable for use in high operating temperatures, large sizes, and that have a high-frequency of operation. I nostri ingegneri personalizzano le valvole in base alle necessità del cliente, e continuiamo a sviluppare tecnologie avanzate per ridurre i costi di esercizio a lungo termine.

Dati in pillole

  • Founded: 1877
  • Joined IMI: 2010
  • Installed base: 13.500 valves: 250 other products
  • Location: Germany, China, USA, South Africa

Critical Applications

Industria petrolchimica
Ferro e acciaio

Industria petrolchimica

We also have a range of inlet and outlet and isolation valves (for air and hydrocarbon as well as for purging) for the dehydrogenation process (PDH) and high-performance isolation valves for ISOSIV / TIP Units.

Ferro e acciaio

IMI Z&J fornisce valvole quali: valvole per aria calda, valvola di chiusura, di controllo della pressione e di controllo del flusso, valvole a occhiale e valvole di sfiato e di compensazione.

IMI Z&J fornisce anche turbine di recupero del gas di testa (Gas Recovery Turbine, TRT), che sono in servizio in tutto il mondo. Our new and advanced technology to optimise charging of Blast Furnaces is the "No-Bell Top Charger".


Forniamo anche soluzioni intelligenti per impianti di altoforno quali il sistema di misurazione del livello 3D p-matriX e il sistema di misurazione della temperatura 2D t-matriX.


With more than 50 years of experience in design, production and the worldwide supply of equipment for the glass industry, IMI Z&J has made its mark in reliability and long lifetimes.


Insieme ad una completa gamma di prodotti di valvole, produciamo caricatori di lotti per l'industria del vetro. These can be twin-coupled charger units, modular charger units and electric control systems to ensure the burden is loaded to maximise throughput of quality output.

IMI Remosa Z&J engineers at work
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Field service is understood by our specialist team as being available on-site within the shortest possible time-complete with portable equipment containers, erection equipment and special tooling. We are particularly well-equipped to undertake all types of Special Valves, various types of Drive Systems and the servicing of Blast Furnace plants, oil refineries, chemical plants and float glass units.